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Why You Need Mulch Around Your Plants

cypress mulch

Putting mulch around your plants is probably the single most important thing you can do to improve your landscape plants.

There are 5 reasons for this...

1. Mulch Conserves Water

This is the biggest reason why you should put mulch down around your plants. Without mulch, water will evaporate though the soil causing the soil to dry out faster. Then, you will have to water your plants more often. Mulch will help to hold that soil moisture in resulting in having to use less water and you will have healthier plants.

2. Mulch Reduces Weeds

There are thousands of weed seeds just waiting to germinate in your soil. Add sunlight and water and you will have the perfect conditions for weed-infested landscape beds! By covering up the soil with mulch, you can reduce the weed population in your landscape beds by up to 80%.

3. Mulch Regulates the Soil Temperature

Mulch can help regulate the soil temperature by keeping the soil cool in the summer time and warm in the winter time. This will result in healthier roots which means you will have healthier plants.

4. Mulch Breaks Down in the Soil

Mulch will eventually break down into the soil. This will help make the quality of the soil much better for the plant roots to grow in. And with our sandy "soil" in Florida, we need all the help we can get!

5. Mulch Makes Your Landscape Look Better

Let's face it. There is nothing pretty about dirt. Cover it up with mulch! You landscape will look so much better and you won't have to look at that ugly dirt around your plants.

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